Friday, February 29, 2008


Today was the frosting for the week. Was able to get a good run in at lunch even though I have a ton of work to do. Decided to lift if I get done what I need to at work later this evening, but at lunch I did this:

Set Grade to 2.5%
1.5Miles - 2 x (0.6m run @ 6.0mph, 0.15m walk @ 3.5mph)

Set Grade to 3.0%
1.5Miles - 2 x (0.6m run @ 6.0mph, 0.15m walk @ 3.5mph)

Sprint sets
.5Miles - 2 x (0.125m run @ 8.5mph, 0.125 walk @ 3.5mph)

3.5 Miles total

After work I did:

Bench Press:

15 @ 135
20 @ 135
15 @ 135 + chains
15 @ 115 + chains
20 @ 95 + chains
25 @ 95
30 @ 75

Had to go to Russ and Lonnie's party after that.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Running Repeat

Today was an identical repeat of yesterday's run:

3.00 miles - 4 x (.60m run @ 6.0mph, .15m walk @ 3.5mph) at 2.5% grade
.25 miles - 0.125m fast pace @ 8.0 mph, 0.125m quick walk @ 4.0 mph

3.25 miles total
Stretched for 5 minutes

Then lifted:

Standing Military Press: 6 x 15 @ 95
superset with
Standing Barbell rotations: 6 x 15 @ 95

DB Lateral Raises: 3 x 15 @ 30
superset with
Good Mornings: 6 @ 95, 8 @ 95, 10 @ 95

Good workout. Forgot to stretch before my run and felt really tight and burning calves about 1/8th mile into my first run set. Almost stopped and stretched but figured I'd just fight through it. Burning went away after 1/2 mile and just because numb. Felt great about today's workout. Weighed in at 216.4 this morning. Stoked about that.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Arms and Run

On the way to the treadmills I saw the two ladies that sometimes use the treadmills on the way there too. I was ahead of them and my instinct was to run to the treadmill to make sure I got there first, but I realized I'm not a little kid so I turned around and asked them if they were going to use the treadmills. They said "Yes". So I said, "I'll go lift first then.". They appreciated that and I did bicep work:

Seated Preacher Curls: 6 x 15 @ 75
superset with 25 jumping jacks

Standing Reverse Curls with Armblaster: 6 x 10 @ 75

Stretched legs for about 5 minutes and then ran:

3.00 miles - 4 x (.60m run @ 6.0mph, .15m walk @ 3.5mph) at 2.5% grade
.25 miles - 0.125m fast pace @ 8.0 mph, 0.125m quick walk @ 4.0 mph

3.25 miles total

Stretched out real good after the workout for about 5 minutes. Hoping to weigh in @ 216 or so tomorrow morning.

Monday, February 25, 2008

New record - 3.5 miles

Today I not only surpassed my PR on distance, but I increased the running portion as well:

3.0 miles - 4 x (.60m run @6.0mph, .15m walk @3.5mph) using 2.5% grade
.25 miles - .125m sprint (8.5mph), .125 walk @3.5mph using 2.5% grade
.25 miles - .25m walk @ 3.5mph using 4-7% grade increase every .05m

3.5 Miles total

Stretched out before and after this workout and then followed with 100 crunches.

This was an awesome workout! I then had a very healthy lunch: Salmon fillet and cup of tomato soup. Fantastic day!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Chest and run

Today I lifted first:

Incline Bench: 2 x 15 @ 135, 12 @ 135, 10 @ 135
Decline Bench: 15 @ 135, 15 @ 155, 15 @ 165, 15 @ 175
DB Push Row ups: 2 x 8 @ 25, 2 x 8 @ 20

DB Push Row ups are where you take dumbells and do pushups off them and after every push you row one arm at a time up to your chest. These are tough! Saw Bernie on biggest loser doing these and looks like they were good work. They are.

Then ran, half way into my first set I knew doing 4 was going to be tough so I compromised and increased grade and walked more.

2.5 miles - 3 x (.5m run @ 6.0mph, .25 walk @ 3.5-4.0mph) @2.5% grade with additional .25m walk at 4.0% grade.

Perhaps only getting 5 hours of sleep last night contributed to my less than ideal condition. Tried recruiting swimmers for my 500 Mile challenge.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Legs very sore, but running through it

Canceled last night's swim with Cathi to help her fold the week's laundry. Plus I needed to get to bed early so I could play racquetball this morning in Bountiful with Dan and his crew, but I ended up skipping that when I woke up and found that my leg soreness from this week's squats had not eased, in fact worsened.

Yesterday I weighed in at 219.0 pounds. Which is a new record for me. I haven't been that weight for probably 10 years. Need to keep going though. I want to get down to 190. That would be the ultimate weight for me.

Today's lunchtime was spent in a Java study group so today's lunch break was taken late in the afternoon and here is what I did:

Leg Stretches
3.0 Miles - 3 x (.5m run @ 6.0mph, .25m walk @ 3.5 - 4.0mph), 3 x (0.125m run @ 8.25mph, 0.125m walk @ 3.5 mph)
Leg Stretches

I got an email from that I get every quarter with tips and the big tip was to increase natural Testosterone production is to incorporate 30 seconds of sprints into your workout which I tried today a few times near the end of the run. Although I felt like the treadmill was doing along of the work. I would put my leg down and the treadmill would whip it behind me. When you get going fast, then it seems more like the treadmill is pushing me rather than I'm really running. Hope to get down to @ 216 next Wednesday.

Definitely swimming tonight.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Strong run

Even though my left glute is a little sore from yesterday's hike in the snow I went ahead and ran the following:

3.0 miles - 4 x (.5 run (6.0 mph on first 3, 6.5 on last set), .25 walk (3.5mph on all 4)


Squats: 5 x 10 @ 135

The squats were tough. Right knee was giving me just a little trouble but since I did such a light weight it wasn't too bad. Had to hurry to get back upstairs for a meeting so I didn't have time for more. Felt strong on the run.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Not very energized

This afternoon I lifted the following:

Legs Up Flat Bench: 4 x 15 @ 155, 2 x 15 @ 165
superset with
Captains chair: 5 x 15

Run: .5 mile - .25 run and .25 walk.

The run wasn't good. I stretched out real good before the run, but started having bad thoughts ("Give up, you're tired, and you've run all week you poor man!") and succumbed to temptation.

Looking forward to the weekend up at the cabin. Hope to go on some hikes with Cathi and lots of ping pong with the boys.

Joined another weight loss competition

The neighborhood biggest loser competition is good, but people are dropping out or not weighing in and I'd like to join something else as well for more motivation so I joined this group New You in 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Running at home

Cathi wanted me to spend $1.50 and go to the track. I said no way am I paying for something I can do at home so I went downstairs and ran:

3.00 miles - 4 x (.5 run, .25 walk) no grade, 4.5, 5.0, 5.0, 5.0 mph, 3.0 mph walk.

Didn't have time for a lunch today, so I had to wait to do this in the evening. Had a good swim tonight too. Found out I am the biggest loser in this week's neighborhood weight loss group. That was my goal. Need to keep it up.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Working from home today

This morning I wasn't feeling so well. Have a sore throat and a very dry cough. Did get alot of work done from home though. After work I went downstairs and ran:

2.25 Miles - 3 x (.5 run, .25 walk) ran 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 mph, 3.0 mph walk

Our treadmill sure is "harder" than the one at work. Feels like I'm running on bricks versus a real rubber track. My knees are asking me nicely to stop, but I'm gonna have to feed them some glucosamine instead.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Last chance workout

Feeling like I need to really work hard today and get every extra ounce of weight loss possible for this week (Start of week is on Wednesday morning), I did the following:

Running: 3.00 Miles - 4 x (.5m run, .25m walk) 2.5% grade on everything. 6 mph on run, 3.5 - 4.0 mph on walk.

Lifting: Preacher Curls - 6 x 15 @ 95, Concentration Curls: 6 x 15 @ 30

Felt really good about the run. Felt really strong on those and while it was hard I wasn't feeling like quitting. Had a great swim yesterday and plan on having another good one this evening.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Shoulders and run

Treadmills taken at 12:15pm so I lifted first:

Bent Over Rows: 15 @ 95, 15 @ 115, 2 x 15 @ 135
Seated Cable Rows: 4 x 15 @ 130
DB Shrugs: 4 x 15 @ 40
DB Lateral Raises: 4 x 15 @ 35


2.25 miles - 3 x (.5m run, .25m walk) @ 2.5% grade and 6mph on all run and 3.5mph on all walks.

Run felt strong. Increased the grade by .5% each .05m on the last walk set.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Evanston Table Tennis Tournament

Here is a 4 minute video with highlights.

The drive up to Evanston was nice. The roads were dry and we made it up just over an hour.

We started with Austin and I in doubles. There were about 20 teams in 2 divisions. We were put into the A division. We first played Slobocan and Joey. Slobocan is a good player. I overheard Ryan Gubler, the best player in the state tell Joey who was looking for a partner that Slobocan was in the top 5 in the state. Austin and I were able to beat that pair 3-0 and advance in the bracket.

We then played Braxton and Jazva. These two players are from Provo and we usually see them in every tournament in Utah. The first four games ended up in a 2-2 draw. We played one more and barely squeaked by with the win. I was sweating that we were going to the losing bracket after that one.

Then we played Matt and Bryce. This couple had also kicked two teams into the losing bracket. Matt is currently rated 1179 and Bryce 1406 for a total of 2585. Austin is currently rated 686 and I am rated 1344 for a total of 2030. So we were the underdogs. Bryce asked me during lunch how we have been able to do it. I said “lots of luck”. He said something like “Yeah right, with lots of skill mixed in.”. Then when he heard that we were to play next, he said “Goodbye luck, goodbye skill”. It would take a near miracle for Austin and I to beat this team.

We started out and won the first match. They won the second. We won the third, and then the fourth. Austin and I were shocked. Austin was ready to throw a huge party. I warned him that it wasn’t over. In fact the next match would determine whether we took first or second. The losers bracket resolved back down to its final which ended up being Bryce and Matt again.

We played them in the finals. Austin and I were able to beat them 3-0 straight. I took video of this finals match.

We were really blessed today and Austin was thrilled. I was very pleased to have such a great partner who was hitting great and making some fantastic shots. We were able to take the first place medals for the A Division Doubles.

Then we started singles. To determine which bracket you play in there is a ladder format where you play significantly better players to find out what bracket you should be in. Austin lost to Reiner Eysser (rated 1645), a man who is very commonly used as a coach at the club. Austin lost and then lost to Braxton 2-3. This really upset Austin and he spent nearly an hour crying and mourning that loss. Jacob (rated 449) played Dale Majors (rated 1568) and lost. But that didn’t bother him. He kept having fun at the Rec Center and went swimming with Jonas.

I played Reiner Eysser in the ladder and beat him 3-0. They were all close games and Reiner was a great sport and complimented me several times on my game. The results of the ladder put me in the Open (The highest division), Austin and Jacob both were in the C Division (The lowest division). I told Austin that he would have more fun and success in that bracket and not to be depressed about it.

In each singles division it is a double elimination round. Jacob lost both of his first matches and visibly had a great time. He had a few great shots, but consistency is something we need to work on. He went on to just play on the climbing wall at the Rec center.

I played Jeff St. Clair (rated 1632) and took him to 2-1. Then he gained some momentum and won two more in a row to beat me 3-2. He also complimented me several times on my game and was a good sport. I was in the losing bracket now. I then played Bryce (rated 1406) and beat him 3-0. I had several “edges” which I apologized for because those can be frustrating especially when you get a lot of them.

I then played Dale Majors (rated 1568) and had a 1-1 match on him, but then he beat me two in a row to kick me out of the tournament. I had several good shots, but his forehand loop was unstoppable.

Austin was undefeated in his bracket and played an older gentleman, Jordan in the finals. He lost the first match 2-3, but since Austin was undefeated and Jordan was in the losing bracket, Jordan had to play another match with Austin to claim the C division medal. I sat Austin down and told him to calm down and not let anger or frustration consume him (I used master Yoda’s teachings). That he could not be successful if he used his emotions to dictate his play, instead of his instincts and techniques. He played much better and I stayed nearly out of Austin's view so he could use his own inner strength to play instead of constantly looking to me for advice. He did much better and won 3-1. Austin took first place for the C division.

We all had a great time at the tournament and enjoyed the company of all the players there. We’re looking forward to the Utah Valley Open in April.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Racquetball rocks!

This morning I got up at 5 am, cooked up some hot oatmeal on the stove. Cathi and I had a romantic breakfast together. I then left to the South Davis Rec Center for playing Racquetball with Dan Harmer and his group of coworkers. Their website sucks, but their facility is great! Makes me want to move to Bountiful.

Played cut throat with Dan and one of his friends. Pretty close game. Played singles with the guy (I suck at remembering names) and lost 15 - 9. He had to leave so I played cut throat again with Dan and a new guy we met named Tim. He said he hadn't played in a couple years, but he was definitely keeping up. During one of the rallies when it was Tim and I against Dan I hit the ball in the backcourt with my backhand around Dan. Tim had looked straight back and I nailed him right in the face. It wasn't an overly hard hit, but definitely not fun. I apologized a few times. I felt bad. But at the same time, if you look backwards instead of using peripheral vision, you risk injury.

Anyhow I won that round. So I played for 1 hour 45 minutes and made several great hussle plays. Sweating profusely and quite aerobic. Great workout. Definitely going to keep doing this weekly. Plus I got to work at a decent time since I cut the traffic commute in half.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Killer workout

Today's run was even tougher than yesterday! I honestly felt like giving up half way into my first running set. Instead of doing that I turned down the speed. Today's workout was a little bit slower, but was able to get the distance I wanted:

2.25 Miles - 3 x (.5mile run, .25mile walk) (6.5 -> 6.0, 5.5, 5.0 mph)


Deadlifts: 5 x 15 @ 135
superset with
200 - 4 x 2 x 25 crunches

I should stretch my calves out before running, they were burning and tight only a minute into it which was pretty painful.

I'm officially registered in our neighborhood's biggest loser. I weighed in this morning at 224.6 pounds. Cathi did great this last week. She lost 5 pounds.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Triceps and run

There were three people already in the treadmill room so I lifted first:

French Press: 15 @ 95, 3 x 15 @ 65 (Form was really bad on first set, not gonna worry about how wimpy the weight is and do good form and get a burn rather than joint pain).
Dips: 4 x 12 @ bw (225)
Cross Face Tricep Extensions: 4 x 15 @ 30
Standing Cable Tricep Extensions: 4 x 15 @ 60

Two other guys came in and lifted too. That's great! Hopefully they're regular and we can coordinate something. We'll see.

Went in to the treadmill room and Jaron was on one but the other was open so I jumped on and did the typical run (with 2% grade):

2.25m - 3 x (.5m run, .25m walk)

The run was really tough this time. I was sweating profusely and my ankles hurt, but I didn't give up and kept going. All the runs were at a 6 mph pace and walk anywhere from 3 - 4 mph. Today is my first day doing Cathi's strategy of having a really good breakfast and dinner and then nothing for dinner (fruit in case of emergency). Munch on baby carrots throughout the day and drink alot of water. Want to get down under 220 by Valentines day. Had a great swim yesterday.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Running, then chest

2.25m @ 2% grade - 3 x {.5 mile run, .25m brisk walk}

First time running with someone else on the other treadmill. Hope it doesn't get more crowded than that! Cause there is only two.

Flat Bench: 4 x 15 @ 185
Incline Press: 4 x 15 @ 95 (easy)
Flat DB Flys: 4 x 15 @ 40

Ryan Gubler at the table tennis club last Friday said I should put the treadmill on a 5% incline when I run so I end up doing the work rather than the treadmill just pushing my legs. I tried 5%, but that was too overwhelming so I moved it down to 2%. I'll try that for a week and move it up more to maybe 4%. Then back down to zero and increase to four reps or something.
Looking forward to tonights swim. I'm going to time and video a 825 yard swim (750 Meters) for estimating what my time will be for team Tomax at the Echo Triathlon in July.