Thursday, May 14, 2009

I sure hate downtown intersections

My average speed was built up to 21.7 until I got to Redwood Road and I-215. Then I noticed a slight headwind and then starting hitting every stoplight. When I got to North Temple and 900 West my average speed was down to 21.5. I hit every stoplight from there on. When I pulled in to Tomax parking lot, my average was at 21.0 mph. Man I hate slowing down and stopping for traffic. They're ripping up 200 S so I have to take the sidewalk for a block.

Distance: 30.8 Miles
Time: 1:28
Average Speed: 21 mph

I shouldn't complain, 21 isn't that bad. Why is it though that I get a headwind both ways? Wind goes North in the morning and south in the afternoon.

The ride home was even better! There was no wind at all until I got to Farmington and then it was actually going North for a change! My speed was much faster than I wanted. I have a 5K tomorrow and wanted my legs to not have any strain at all on this ride so I was planning on going slow, which wasn't the case:

Distance: 30.6 miles
Time: 1:25
Average Speed: 21.6 mph

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