Thursday, December 31, 2009

3.5 miles on Deck 4 of Disney Magic

This morning I got up with Cathi and we ran around the deck of Deck 4 which is 1/3 mile. I planned on 9-12 laps and did 12. Had a pretty good headwind on the starboard side, but a tailwind on the port side. Only about 4 other runners. Afterwards I went to the weightroom and did some biking and lifting.

Good day

Saturday, December 19, 2009

5 mile run in the fog

This morning Cathi got up at 5 to go run with Carly and Tiffany. The phone rang at 5:10. Carly said it's way too foggy and they weren't going. So I got up, got my running stuff on and went out looking for Cathi knowing she wouldn't feel the same way about cancelling. She was parked in Tiffany's driveway waiting. I told her and she was bugged, but I also told her I was prepared to run with her so we went out and stayed on the trail where we wouldn't get hit by a car.

It was foggy. About 30 feet visibility. I had my flashlight with me. We had a good talk and Cathi was glad to be up and running this morning. It was probably 30 degrees. Ran from our house around Jensen Park and up to the turn around point and then back. About 5 miles, but Cathi had to keep going.