Friday, October 19, 2007

Alternative method of fitness

Sorry to have been such a slacker with lifting lately. I haven't lifted in well over eight months. My weight has remained the same, even though I'm sure I'm much weaker. Cathi has really stepped up her own weight loss plan and has encouraged me to do the same and has offered me $1000 to reach a reasonable goal which I set.

I figured that getting down to 200 would be the goal that I would like. We purchased a family membership to Layton surf and swim and have been swimming every Mon - Thur Night. Starting out at just over 1000 yards. The first two days were a little tough, but already its getting easier. Hoping to be up to about 1800 yards (1 mile) in about two weeks.

If you feel like checking on our progress you can check out my old school swimming log which I started many years ago. But I definitely don't have plans to hit the weights again until well after the new year. I have the U.S. National Open Tournament in December and am dedicating my lunch periods to training for that. I spend on average about 12-15 hours a week to table tennis. Weight lifting while training for table tennis hurts my game because I'm usually sore and that either affects my ability to move or hit the ball properly. Swimming doesn't leave me overly sore or stiff. That's probably in large part because I'm terrible at doing stretches which would probably minimize this, but another reason I like swimming is because I have a dedicated partner and I also get to go on a date with my wife every night. That's a huge perk.