Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tough Run

Today at lunch I ran on the treadmill downstairs and it felt good to get a good hard sweat:

3.00 miles - 4 x (.6625m Run, .125m walk @ 3.5mph) 6.5 mph Sets 1&2, 7.0 mph Sets 3&4 all at 2.5% grade

1.00 miles - 4 x (.125m Run @ 8.0 mph, .125m Walk @ 3.5 mph) 1st set 3.0% grade, 2nd - 3.5, 3rd - 4.0, 4th - 4.5% grade

4 miles total

10 minutes of crunches

Got my bike and first ride (and flat)

Yesterday late afternoon I went by Bikers Edge in Kaysville and picked up my bike. Shannon was the person who helped me. I also bought:

  • A good helmet

  • A waterbottle and cage which rests between the aerobars

  • New peddles and Tri shoes - The shoes allow for better draining of water since coming from water. Thy are also well padded so they can be worn without socks. They also can be left right on the peddles and have a real easy way to tighten while attached to the pedal.

  • A stationary trainer stand - for those days when its rainy or cold or need to stay home, but need to still train.

  • Cat eye computer - They guy who installed it for me had the cadence and speed sensors switched so I had to reinstall it properly.

  • A decent lock for when I need to lock the bike up

  • A stowaway case for going under my seat (which is tiny by the way).

  • Biker shorts - so nice to have the padding in the crotch. The seat is tiny and relatively hard.

Shannon told me to practice on grass and getting in and out of the pedals. I didn't really do that as I felt comfortable with it after a few tries.

I put the water bottle cage on and set it up with my GPS on top of it and mp3 off to the side. The water bottle can stay in place and there is an extendable straw so I don't have to move it. I can just keep my hands on the aero bars.

They fit me to the bike and made some adjustments to maximize the best power and comfort. I went home and went on a quick 13 mile ride. Felt great.

Then this morning I rode in to work. I biked through West Layton - Farmington. When I got to Shepherd Lane and Shepherd Creek Parkway there is a 4 way stop there. I obeyed Shannon's advice to make sure to twist my left foot out of the clip before I get to stop sign. But I rested my foot on the pedal thinking I was clear, but it had clicked back in without me realizing it and here I was stuck with both feet in the clips at a complete stop. I wasn't expecting it or I would've tried the balancing trick that I used to do fairly well back in the day.

There was a school bus, several other cars in the intersection and they must have laughed watching me struggle to get my left foot out real quick, but ended up just falling on my left side. In embarrassment I hurried to get to my feet, but my foot was still locked in and I fell again! I felt so dumb. Kind of wish I had a video of it so I could youtube it. There was a little scuffing on the left of my handlebars, but no other visible damage to the bike. I was bleeding just a little on my left knee, but seriously not bad. Could've been alot worse. Took a minute for the gawkers to move on while I moved to the sidewalk, adjusted my mp3, GPS and water bottle which had spilled 1/2 way all over the road.

I continued on down Shepherd Lane and went through the heart of Farmington down to the Frontage road in Centerville (which doesn't have a good shoulder for bikes by the way!) Crossed over I-15 on Parrish Lane overpass then went through West Bountiful - Woods Cross - 3300 W in SLC down to 700 N and then cut through my old Morton Meadows neighborhood and got to 400 N and Redwood and turned that corner to connect with the Constitution Park trail when I noticed I had a flat on my back tire. I turned around and headed north on Redwood to go up to my parents house (625 N Redwood) and noticed that within 1/2 block it went from flat to completely dead. I jumped off before it was dead and switched into my work shoes and walked the rest of the way to my parents house.

When I started walking the odometer read 33 miles. With a 17.5 mph average. I will have to repair the flat when I get back from our Hungary trip. Cathi and I are going to Hungary and I'm gonna miss my new toy! I was really nervous this morning when I left thinking the weight of the 20 lb duffel bag on my back, and the slimness of the seat would leave me suffering all afternoon. I don't even think I'm sore! That was seriously one of the funnest rides I've ever done. I just wish I hadn't got that flat! I will definitely do this again. Just think! I can workout, save gas and get to work without dealing with traffic all at the same time!

So fun!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Back to it

Today I did Elliptical for 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes of lifting:

Alternating Overhead Military Press: 3 x 15 @ 95
Crunches: 3 x 50

Fairly good workout. Need to step it up. Getting slack lately.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cathi's SLC Marathon for Andrea - 4:04:19

While Austin and I were at the Utah Valley Open Tournament Cathi was downtown SLC running a marathon. I am going to copy what she wrote in her journal:

Today was an excellent run! I got in the "grove" right away and could tell that it wasn't going to be tedious. It was going to be a "gazelle" day. I had a picture of Andrea on my shirt. Just a few people asked me about here. I gave the opening prayer at her funeral She had been at the U of U hospital from injuries she got in a fall. It got infected so they had to reoperate and during that surgery she didn't get enough oxygen to her brain. It was very sad.

Here are the things I will miss most about Andrea:
  • How she squeeled with delight and said "Oh, Cathi Gridley!" That always made me feel so good!

  • How she'd cover her mouth and laugh so cute.

  • How she'd pat my hand when she sat next to me

  • How she'd write me little notes and put them in a baggie with a purple zipper and put a mini candy bar with them.

  • She'd bring the kids all a mini candy bar when she came to visit.

  • She' come on a Friday night and bring a movie. We'd get pizza and spend the evening watching Jungle Book and sang and danced.

  • She love our dates Sat at 2:00 and we'd go to the Centerville Dairy Queen and get a Blizzard. Then she couldn't wait to write on the calendar our next date.

  • She was forgiving if I'd forget a date, which I did a few times even though she was very disappointed.

  • She gave out birthday invitations MONTHS in advance because she loved her parties.

  • She'd look at you with big intent eye and push her lips together.

  • She'd sayd "YES" when she was excited about something.

I will miss Andrea Phillips! I was one of her favorites and she was one of mine. So I ran the race in her honor.

I felt great the whole race. It started at the University of Utah and went down to 6400 S. Then from 2300 E to 500 E then to 1700 S then to 400 S to 400 W to the Gateway. My new MP3 music walkman would not work so I was out of luck then. I only really talked to 2 people.

Gordon and Austin were at a Table Tennis Tournament so my cheerleaders were Marcia, Elayna, Stacey and Kaylee at Miles 16 and 22. It was so refreshing to see them and it meant so much to me that they would come to cheer.

Then at the finish line was Steven, Meg (Steve's Girlfriend) and Michele, Madison and Taylor. Steve found me right at the end and hugged me. We found the others and chatted for a bit. I was so grateful for my cheerleaders today!

My finishing time was 4:04:19. That is my best time by over 3 minutes. San Diego, June 6th, 2004 I got 4:07:24. I looked at my watch at the 1/2 marathon mark and it said 2:02. That means that I was on track for my best time ever. Especially on the last 6 miles or so I could tell my pace was rockin! I picked it up for the last mile. I had a little bit left.

What an awesome race! I liked the course. A lot of down and just a little bit up. There was wind against us on our way south on the first half. Then the wind pushed us to the finish. A gust would come every once in a while and I would think this is a gift from Heavenly Father.

I cried at the end. It was so emotional to finish and finish so hard. No walking today! Great Great Race!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

2008 Utah Valley Open Table Tennis Tournament

Austin and I got to the Pleasant Grove Community center at 8:10 and helped John Pratt set up the tables.

At 9:00 the age group events started and Austin played five other boys. He lost one game, but after the event three boys had all lost one match to each other for a three way tie. So it went down to how had won the most/lost the least. Austin had lost only 3 matches so he took the first place medal. Jason Jung took second and the boy who took third was they guy that Austin lost his 3 matches to. It's weird how some styles can do better against other specific styles. Austin played a friendly rematch afterwards and won so he felt better.

In the afternoon Austin and I played doubles but lost all of our matches. We didn't play so hot together.

In the late afternoon Austin played in the B division Singles and I played in the A division singles.

In determining which division each player would be in there was a ladder competition. I beat Nanda 3-0 and then lost to Meg 0-3. But the matches with Meg were tight and had several really good rallies.

I had to play Bryce Parkinson first. He won the first match and then I won the next three matches for the win. Bryce is a fantastic looper, but he landed maybe only one loop during all the matches. Just wasn't his day.

I then played Lonnie. He is from Pleasant Grove and a more tactical player that likes to serve fast, and also hits quickly off the bounces. He had beaten me 2 to 0, but I came back and won three in a row for the win.

I then played Paul. Paul is David To's old coach from Rock Springs. I've beaten Paul before, but it isn't easy. Paul won the first game, but I won the next three for the win.

I then played Kelvin who is also a Utah County local, I beat him three in a row. This put me undefeated in the division and I won first place! I was rated 1354 before this tournament and am very eager to find out what my new rating will be. Both Bryce and Lonnie are rated higher than that so I'm hoping to be in the 1400's finally. We'll see.

So Austin and I both won individual 1st place medals. Austin - 14 and Under. Gordon - Class A division.

There were about 18 people in this tournament. Much less than the 32 maximum. Not sure of the reasons why. Last year's tournament wasn't as organized and the rapid ranker system ruffled alot of feathers last year with people. This year though was a round robin and tables were constantly being utilized. The tournament this year was a night and day improvement in its organization and flow. Dr. John Pratt held a great tournament this year. For those who are higher ranked in the state that did not play. If the reasons were to protect points. Shame on you!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today I went early to the Bountiful Rec Center and played Racquetball with Dan, Dave and Shawn. Shawn mentioned last time we played that he would be getting a new racket and that he would give me the one he got from Blair. I played a little with it last time. It is fast! So he gave it to me this time. It is so cool.

I played Dave and was up 8 to 2, but for some reason played like crap and he came back and won. Then I got kicked around by Shawn. He's gotten so much better. His backhand is so low and his "pinch" shot is a killer. He's noticeably stepped up his game.

Then I played Dan. He beat me one and then I won the next game. During our play I was ahead of him and didn't look back to see he was right next to me and he hit me with his racket right in the back of the head a little on the right side. It immediately went numb and I was surprised how much it didn't hurt considering the amount of force that went into it. I have a decent welt on the back of my neck. I wish I could have seen it from a different perspective to see how much swing went into it, cause I think the swing might have only been about about Dan's 50%. 100% probably would have knocked me out. It really was my fault for not being more aware of my surroundings and giving him more room. I'm glad I didn't turn around and get it in the teeth.

After we played I went down and swam for a bit.

At lunchtime today I played table tennis with Gyan. He won several games so he did good. My entire body is sore from all the exercise this week. Will skip swimming tonight so I can recover enough to be fairly energetic at this Saturday's Utah Open Tournament.

In the evening I took Jacob hiking up to "the rock" which is about 1.75 miles up from the mouth of City Creek Canyon. We ran down which was easy since it was downhill, but still considered jogging. Didn't swim tonight cause my body is feeling real achy and I have a tournament on Saturday and don't want to be hobbling like an old man.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Extremely tasty, nutritious, low cal meals that don't cost alot


    I have several options for breakfast (which truly is the most important meal of the day):
    1. Old Fashioned Oatmeal
    2. - Not the instant crap that comes in individual packets. I get this stuff. Sure it takes a little effort to prepare, but its so good and healthy. Just put about 1 quart of water in a pot and get it started to boil. Once the water is boiling good, I'll turn the heat to low and put in enough oatmeal to make it relatively thick. Stir for about 20 seconds, keep on low for another minute then remove from heat. Let sit for another minute and add some brown sugar and/or honey to taste and if you're getting bored with it try adding granola, grape-nuts, or a small amount of coconut. So good!
    3. Bagels - I recently went to Einstein Bagels and oh my gosh it was so good. But that doesn't make my list cause Einstein Bagels are expensive. You can get bagels at the grocery store at a fraction of the cost, but beware, the cheaper they are the least good taste I think. I bought some fairly good bagels at a good price and got some low calorie whipped strawberry cream cheese to top it off and oh boy its so good. Problem is you don't really want to do this every day, cause it isn't really low calorie. I'll go with this option to reward myself for something or when I simply don't have time.

    4. Grapenuts - Rarely do I go with anything other than oatmeal, but once I went with grapenuts and that was good and less than 300 calories for a good sized bowl with milk.

Breakfasts to avoid

  1. What got me in trouble to begin with was getting sucked into that damn monopoly promotion and trying to get a monopoly to win something, which I never did!. I'd get two Sausage Egg McMuffins, two hashbrowns and a large OJ. I'd take one bite out of the hashbrown and then stack it in my McMuffin. (My mouth is watering right now really bad) I did that some weeks two or three times. Now that is expensive! And will give you a big bum, like I did.

Lunch and snacks:

  1. Green salad with lots of goodies - I just buy the "Dole Greener Selection" salad at the grocery store. I'll take one string cheese and break it up all over the salad. Earlier in the week I'll grill 3 boneless chicken breasts and marinate them in Fat Free Italian Dressing. Then take 1/2 a breast (3 should last all week) and break all over the salad, then put 3 TB of low cal ranch on the salad. Oh man, so good, filling, cheap and good for you!

  2. Chocolate Quakes - WARNING: This low-cal snack is so good you might eat the whole dang bag, and then it wouldn't exactly be low cal! But if you are able to leave the bag at home and just put a handful in a baggie for later, you're better off. I think I got these at Walmart for $2.50 a bag and if you're smart, you'll make it last a couple days at least. I'm amazed that one serving is only 60 calories. Even if you do eat the whole bag it's 700 calories. But beware they're addicting, better than eating a whole bag of potato chips I guess.

  3. Hardboiled eggs - While you're putting water on for the oatmeal, get another smaller pot and put about 3 inches of water in it to allow for an egg to be nearly submersed. Don't wait to get a boil. Put the eggs in at first to allow them to heat up gradually along with the water. Once you get a hard boil, let them hard boil for at least 5 minutes or so. Then remove from heat, drain and replace with cold water. Let the eggs sit in the cold water for a few minutes. Then you can take them for a snack throughout the day.
    I typically remove the yolk which takes the calories down from 70 to 17. The yolk isn't bad, just if you want to really watch the calories, you can remove it and still enjoy the whites. Sprinkle a little salt on it if you can't stand a plain hardboiled egg white.

  4. Beef Jerky - when I'm feeling real low on protein (you know if you're Non-vegan and feel like a steak) I'll go with Beef Jerky. For me though it's alot like the Quakes and I have to use great willpower to not eat the whole bag, but its lots of protein with a very small amount of fat (depending on the brand you get). Jerky is expensive though so its at the very bottom of my list. I only get it once a month or so.


To be honest, if you really want to lose weight, dinner should be some veggies, or some fruit. Don't feel guilty if you get most of you're calories in breakfast and lunch with snack, and you end up skipping dinner (or having another green salad). If you get most of your calories throughout the day that's better than loading up at night for when you're just gonna sleep. Nothing's better than eating a real hearty breakfast when you're hungry knowing you didn't load up the night before.

Run which kicked me out of the 200's

Before the weigh in this morning I got up with Cathi and went running:

3.0 m - 3 x (.80m run, .20m walk)
1.0 m - 4 x (.125 sprint, .125 walk)

4.0 miles total

Then went and weighed in.

At lunchtime I lifted chest:

Legs up Flat Bench: 6 x 15 @ 135
Incline Press: 15 @ 115, 15 @ 95, 3 x 15 @ 80
Decline DB Press: 4 x 15 @ 50
DB Flys: 3 x 15 @ 40
Dips: 2 x 15 @ bw (200)
Pushups: 1 x 40

I know it's light, I'm not that strong. Need to do more strength training instead of so much cardio.

Finally under 200!

Ever since January I had a timetable of weight loss and I have actually kept with the time table and met the goal of getting under 200 this week. I did it! I weighed in at 199.0 this morning and boy was I glad to hit that milestone! I am not done though. I want to get down to 185. But this is the main goal I had at the beginning of the year.


Thanks to Cathi for motivating me. I remember we were driving somewhere and she asked if I would join her. This isn't the first time she's asked me to be "good" with her. But this time I kept my eye on the prize and didn't lose focus the entire time. I had a few "bad" days, but not days where I lost control. I remember when I first hit 200 pounds. I was at Ricks College with Cathi and had been married for 5 months. It was January of 1995 and I just hit 200. Cathi and I went down to Arizona to see Joey Emig. I was so depressed during that trip. Hitting 200 was a milestone I wasn't proud of. Now I'm feeling like I'm going back in time and getting my body back. I really want to get that 185 so stay posted for even more amazing results!

This season's biggest loser was also a huge motivator for me. That's a great show when it can inspire people and cause action rather than just be a one hour form of entertainment.

The Top Five fitness tips I've used to help lose weight/get fit:

  1. Avoid the elevator, take the stairs

  2. Count your calories - If you don't count em, you don't care and anything can go in

  3. Exercise at least 2 hours per day

  4. Drink water! Its zero calories for crying out loud. It will fill you up and helps you pee.

  5. Log your efforts so you feel accountable

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Committed to Felt S32

Yesterday on the way home I stopped at Bikers Edge in Kaysville. I found a serious biker here in SLC who is an avid blogger named Brandi Gorden who suggested two bike shops and Bikers Edge was one of them. I went to their website and found the Felt S32. I read reviews about the bike and it seems like it is a very good bike. They didn't have one in stock, so I had to special order it which meant a 20% down payment which also meant I'm committed now as that money isn't refundable.

I ordered a 56 and it should be here next week. I will have a bike very soon to train on!

Last chance workout

With tomorrow's weigh in I wanted to get a good lunchtime workout today. I did:

3.0 m - 3 x (.80m run, .20m walk) 1st - 6.0/3.5mph @2.5%grade, 2nd - 6.2/3.5mph @ 3.0%, 3rd - 6.5/3.5 @ 3.5%
0.5 m - 2 x (.125m run, .125m walk) 1st - 8.0/3.5mph @ 4.0%, 2nd 8.5/3.5mph @ 4.5%

3.5m total

Stretched out for 4 minutes before and after the run then lifted one set (ran out of time):

Deadlift: 3 x 15 @ 135

Good workout. Run was intense. I used a brace on my right knee so I wouldn't have the next day knee pain.

In the evening before leaving I watched The Biggest Loser Couples for an hour while I did one hour of elliptical training. Good for another 640 calories gone. Only had a String Cheese for dinner.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Balanced Man Triathlon 2008

This was the first Triathlon for Cathi and myself. This Balanced Man Triathlon was held by Utah State University's Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. I was worried at registration that it wouldn't be very well organized. They were an hour late in getting the registration booth setup and they didn't have maps to give out, but you have to refer to a copy and then leave it.
But the race itself was well organized and laid out. Cathi and I were in the first heat which consisted of swimmers who signed up as being "fast" or participating in a team. Cathi and I shared a lane. We swam side by side and had to swim 400 yards. At the beginning there was a guy to my left who was jumping up and down like at a swim meet getting all psyched up.

They claimed that it was a 25 Meter pool and not 25 yards, but they don't know what they are talking about. I could clearly see that it was marked out on the side of the pool as 75 feet, which is 25 yards, not meters. I did 400 yards in 5:19 earlier this week. So I was hoping for a 5:15 or so. I dove in when they started everyone and I had a good start and was ahead for the first pull, but three guys were ahead of me at the other end.

The jumping blue capped guy at first was ahead by about 5 yards or so, and two others just by one or two yards. Within 100 yards I was in second place behind "jumpy". But at the flip turn at 150 I had him beat. I kept the same pace and kept getting more and more of a lead on everyone.

By the time I finished the 400 I was ahead by about 20 seconds. I jumped out and looked at the clock. It was 4:52!

That was after I had gotten out too. I probably touched the wall at 4:48 or so. That's a little over 1:12 per 100. That is fantastic! I was very happy with that time. I was the first one to the bikes and it felt great to have such a lead. But by the time I got my socks and shoes on and my shorts and shirt I was the second to start on the bike. My transition wasn't very fast.

The bike was fairly flat for the first 1/4 of the race. Then really good downhill for the next 1/2. But the last 1/4 was some serious up hills. I had to put it in
first for quite a while and pump up on my feet for a while. Cathi told me after the race that she had to get off and walk with the bike it was so bad. There were about 4 or 5 bikers that passed me who all had fast road bikes and had all the gear. Serious bikers. I didn't get my split on the bike portion, but it was 10K and I'm thinking I did it in about 20 minutes, but not sure.

When I started the run my quads were feeling it. The start of the run was very poorly identified and many other people started the run in the wrong way. I was lucky and followed somebody until I could see the blue chalk arrows showing the running path. The first 1/4 was flat and then then next 1/4 was serious downhill which was good cause I just lifted my legs and let gravity take me. But the next 1/4 was serious uphill. I made it about 3/4 the way up the main hill when I started to walk. I figured I would start back up once I got to the top, which I did. I was passed by three runners on the running leg, and I passed one of the bikers who passed me during the run! The last 1/4 of the run was flat so it was nice to be able to get that second wind after the hill to have a strong finish.

When I crossed the finish line I didn't know what my time was. They didn't have the clock setup. After I took a breather I went over to the timer and looked at my number (10) and saw they had me down with a total time of 51:01. My goal was under 1 hour. So I was pleased with that. They setup the clock which was in the pool area and I was able to walk down from the finish to cheer for Cathi. Cathi came around the corner and Jonas and I yelled for her to sprint the last 100 yards and she came in at 57:28.

Eric left in the fourth heat so he was 35 minutes behind me. We cheered for him as he came with his bike and started his run. I'm sure glad I was done. Eric finished with a time of 56 minutes.

With this being our first we were pleased with the swim. With the swim you don't have to deal with hills so every race will be about the same intensity. No surprises. This experience made me even more determined to get a better bike and to really train (especially on hills) on the bike. And to maintain my running 2-3 times a week. My knees didn't give me any trouble at all during the race (which isn't surprising considering the run was only 2.5K). Very excited to train extra hard this summer and get ready for the next one in July where I will only be doing the swimming leg for one of the Tomax teams. I hope I get first in the swim in that race too.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Almost there....wait for it!

This morning I woke up and my knee was much better, but still not enough to run on so I did 45 minutes of cycling downstairs.

Went up and weighed in at 202.4 pounds. I wanted to get under 200 this week, but it looks like it will have to be next week. Only lost 1 pound this week. Wasn't very good on my diet on Saturday and Sunday.

Will be tapering for this weekend's Balanced man triathlon in Logan.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Knee problems

Yesterday's run did a real number on my knee. I'm wearing the knee brace today and will put a heat pad on it tonight. Not good.

Today at lunch I did:

30 minutes Elliptical,
10 minutes Ab work
25 minutes lifting:
Cross Face Tricep DB Extensions: 15 @ 30, 15 @ 25, 2 x 15 @ 20
Dips: 4 x 15 @ bw (@ 205)

Good work.

Monday, April 07, 2008

New Personal Record

Today at lunch I played Table Tennis with Gyan for the hour. After work I ran the following with Cathi -

4.5m - 3 x (1.4m run, .1m walk)
1.5m - 1.0m run, .5m walk

6.0 miles total

Felt really good about this run. I planned on running the last set just like the first set, but my knees started hurting more than normal. With the triathlon this Saturday didn't want to risk an injury so I just walked after that. Still though, a personal best.

Went home and took care of the kids and put them to bed and met Cathi at the pool to swim.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Racquetball this morning

Again I only got 5 hours sleep and got up early for Racquetball. I talked Cathi into getting up early as well so she could go run.

When I got there Eric was already playing with Shawn and Dan. I played with Blair and Scott. Scott was very skilled in his shots. He likes taking them off the back wall and the hits low and fast into the front wall to get two bounces before going 6 feet or so. Scott won the first cut throat and Blair the second. I then played Scott singles and only got to 7. Then played Dan and Scott cut-throat and Scott won again. I played Dan singles and he had me 10 - 2 and I came back and won. I didn't play that well today. Need to make better decisions with my shots rather than just powering through them. Then I went swimming.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rainy Run and good weigh in

This morning Cathi and I went on our "loop":

4.5 miles - 6 x (.65m run, .10m walk)
.5 miles - .25m run, .25m walk

5.0 miles total

Then I went home and weighed in at 203.4

I'm very happy with that considering I did terrible on Friday and Saturday on my calories. Didn't work out at all on Saturday or Sunday. Only 3.4 pounds to my major milestone, but that isn't the ultimate goal.

At lunch I did:
30 minutes Elliptical followed by 10 minutes ab work
then lifted:

Seated Preacher Curls: 6 x 15 @ 95
Standing Alternating DB Curls: 5 x 15 @ 30
Standing Cable Curls: 4 x 10 @ 50
Concentration Curls: 3 x 15 @ 30
Wrist Curls: 2 x 12 @ 30
Palms in Pullups: 5

Fantastic workout. Went and got a salad for lunch. 199 here we come!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Elliptical again

Did Elliptical at lunch for 60 minutes. Burned 640 Calories. Followed by 15 minutes of ab work.

At the end of the day went back down and did another 30 minutes of Elliptical followed by 10 minutes of abs, then 30 minutes of lifting:

Legs up Flat Bench: 6 x 15 @ 145
Decline DB Press: 6 x 15 @ 50

Really want to be 205 tomorrow morning. Swimming tonight.