Saturday, October 04, 2014

My famous athletic wife

I'm so proud of my wife!  She recently had an interview with a KSL reporter who wrote up this article on her.  Right now she is running her 100th marathon down in St. George.  I wasn't able to go cause of all the other activities the kids are involved in here at home.

On Monday morning she will be on KSL tv in the early morning(5am-6am), doing an interview there.
Running is her thing and it brings her great joy and stress relief.  Having 7 kids can get pretty stressful, and many people who are under stress find unhealthy ways to relieve it.  So glad she chose something that can make her life with me on earth last so much longer.

Love this woman!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Alex is kicking my butt, well actually my triceps

At lunch Alex had us do our normal M/W/F workout, but today was chest/tricep day:

Bench Press: 20 @ 135, 15 @ 185, 10 @ 225, 3 @ 275, 20 @ 135

Straight arm Dumbell Pullovers: 5 x 12 @ 55  (Strict form)

Straight arm pulley pulldowns: 5 x 15 @ 80 (Strict form)

One arm DB Preacher Curls: 15 @ 35, 4 x 15 @ 30

Perfect situp machine: 2 x 40 crunches (awesome burn!)

Found my old Bench Press max video and uploaded it on Youtube so it doesn't ever get misplaced again:

Thursday, April 10, 2014


This morning I got to sleep in a little.  Yoo hoo!  Got up at 4:45 and took my sweet time getting to the pool at Northwest.  Here's what I planned for and swam as successfully as I had hoped:

300 easy warmup
10 x 100's FAST
1st one a little easier than the others (1:07), 2-9 got 1:04 and on the last one 1:01
300 easy cooldown

1,600 yards total in 30 minutes

Because I pushed those 100's I don't feel guilty one bit for tapering.  If I can maintain a 1:04 average on my 100 splits in the 500 free,  I'll have a new PR (from high school) beat this Saturday.  I think this is doable.  It's gonna be tough, but definitely possible.  Looking forward to it!  No swim tomorrow, mental training tomorrow.  

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


There is a guy that started at my work named Alex who is an ex-bodybuilder.  He loves to lift and we got to talking and for the past two week's we've been lifting together.  I've loved it!  Having a partner, and to have him know what he's doing and taking the lead is an even bigger bonus!

I dropped my weight back down under 200 finally and went to see Cameron.  After all the caliper pinching the formula showed that I am now at 7.56% bodyfat.  I lost 4 pounds of bodyfat since my last weigh in, and surprised that I only gained 0.1 pounds of lean mass.

I'd like my body fat percentage down to about 4.5%, so I have a little more than 10 pounds of bodyfat to lose and then I'll be at my peak again.  I hope to stay there this time.  No need whatsoever to bulk up and "put on a few for the Channel", with MIMS.  Yeah the water won't be toasty, but it won't be exactly cold either.

Log of the last 16 months of measurements.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Drop Set Chest workout

Cameron has me doing some drop sets this next iteration and it's been fun!

Chest and Triceps:

I've been sore, but that's such a great feeling.  My swim times haven't been hurt by this lifting.  I just make sure to take it either really light and easy a few days leading into a meet, or skip lifting altogether so that I'm fully recovered come swim time.

Been sticking to my diet with minimal cheating here and there.  Still on the bandwagon.....

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lifted Legs with Cathi

It's been a very long time since I last posted.  It's not that I've been a slacker.  About 13 months back Cathi convinced me to go see a trainer, and within 4 months of that I was in the best physical shape of my life.  I tapered off just a bit with my swimming and the need to put on a little more body fat, but am back at it again and leaning up.  Here is a graph of my progress.  So right now I'm at just under 9% body fat.  Not too bad.  Hoping to get it down to 6 again within a couple months.

This morning I got up at 4:30am and Cathi got up with me, but soon reported that her running partner just texted to cancel she was disappointed.  I didn't want her to get up and get all dressed ready to workout for nothing, so I offered to go to the gym with her and lift.  She typically lifts during the day when the kids are in school and I typically lift at lunch time.   What a great opportunity to workout with my lover!

Today I lifted legs:

Drop sets (Lift reps of 10 (failure), then drop 20% or so of the weight and immediately do another 10 reps)

Squats: 3 x (185, 135)
Leg Press Machine: 3 x (300, 260)
Leg Curl Machine: 3 x (130,110)
Calf Machine: 3 x (310, 280)

Then went swimming....