Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rowing and lifting

I need to get back on the bandwagon. This morning I weighed in at 197.8 and wasn't happy with that. Need to get back down to 189 or lower. So I'm not slacking any more during the noon hour. I did:

5000 M Rowing: 20:39.1

Bench Press Machine: 6 x 30 @ 80
Lat Pulldowns: 6 x 30 @ 80
Crunches: 10 minutes

Will swim tonight too of course.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cathi's Valley of Fire Marathon

Cathi drove down to Nevada Friday afternoon to run the Valley of Fire Marathon. She didn't have any idea how much of a climb it was. Here is a map.

The mountain climbs were insane. There were a few 14-20% grade mountains. Cathi walked a little, but considering the climb, that is to be expected. Her time was 4:25:06.
From Cathi's Marathons

We made a fun poster for her while she was gone and put it on the garage door for her when she got home late Saturday evening.

The kids really worked hard on Saturday to get the house clean and made it nice for when mom got home. They were rewarded with dinner at Golden Corral and boy did they eat up! Mom had a good time and was glad that she did as good as she did considering the big hills she had to deal with. She took first in her division, so that's cool!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Mr. Wimpy

Noticing that along with all the lost weight, that I've obviously lost alot of muscle too. Decided that I need to hit the weights no less than 3 times a week so I made it into the weight room at lunch:

Flat Bench: 12 x 145, 15 x 135, 18 x 125, 21 x 115, 25 x 95, 30 x 85, 40 x 75, 50 x 65, 75 x 55, 100 x 45
superset with
6 x 60 crunches

Didn't get a burn like I wanted. Once you get so light you don't get any perceivable benefit (at least while your in the weight room). Next time I'll stop once I get below 100 pounds and start higher.

Surprised that I was able to do that many crunches. Will do racquetball tomorrow morning for the first time in several months.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Results of the 2008 Open

On Nov 8th, Austin, Jacob and I played in this year's 2008 Open. On Friday we played our ladder event. We get seeded and based on how we play can either advance our seed position into a higher division, or get put where we were seeded if we lost. The guy on our table who was an unknown and seeded at the bottom, made his way all the way to the top to play James but ended up in the A Division. At first he looked not that good, but he would toy with the other player just enough to stay ahead. His name is Jeff Hone and he moved here from California. He's an older guy who claimed he hadn't played in many years. Well he still had it.

Jacob and Austin didn't advance either. Austin played in the D division and Jacob in the bottom one. There were over 60 people in the tournmant, so there were 6 divisions (Open, A, B, C, D and E) I played in the B division.

On Saturday I was in a group with Bryce Parkinson, Matt Pugmire, and Varhese Pallathu. The other guy in our group didn't show. I first played Bryce. I knew it would be tough, but in the last several tournaments I was able to squeek by. Not this time. He was more consistent on his loops and I had been out of practice enough for him to slaughter me 3 - 0. I then played Matt and lost 3-2. Then to Varghese 3-1. I was disappointed, and humbled, but knew I deserved it for the neglect I've given the sport over the summer giving way to swimming and biking.

Jacob won a game from someone, but lost all his matches. He's a great sport though. He had fun and wasn't upset. Austin took first at his table and advanced to the semifinals. The semifinal round was a single elimination with the other half of his division. He lost to Javza Gaav 2-3. He was pretty upset about that, but not as bad I've seen him in the past. He's getting better at controlling his disappointment.

We didn't stay to see who won the divisions, we just took off cause it had already been a long day. Cathi came on Friday night with the kids to watch the first hour. It was really crowded and the kids tried to watch a movie on my laptop, but it was too loud and they couldn't hear. Next time we all need to be more in practice to expect any kind of success at a tournament. I'm worried about Nationals next month. Better start hitting with the robot!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

2008 Utah Open

Austin and I took 3rd in the Class A Doubles. Austin was in the D Division and made it to the semifinals but lost in the first round of the semis.

I was in the B Division and was 0-4 so I was a bit disappointed, but not surprised given that I haven't practiced at all this summer. Jacob was able to win a couple matches, but not any games either. Austin is getting quite a bit better.

We were able to leave the tournament at 12:30 so I had the rest of the afternoon so I went on a ride:

Distance: 37.6 miles
Time: 1:55
Avg Speed: 19.6 mph

Went out to the end of the causeway out at antelope Island and went back to the gate and back again. Good ride except I had a flat tire that didn't have a hole, just didn't tighten the inner valve very good.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


This afternoon I headed to 6200 S State in Salt Lake on my Bike. We were going to meet Cathi's family at "The Cheesecake Factory" at Fashion Place Mall.

I made it 400 N and 200 West when I hit something and instantly got a flat in my back tire. I stopped and a construction staple was in my tire. I pulled it out and replaced the tube. Then continued on. When I got to 100 S and 200 W I noticed I had a flat again. I also noticed that my sunglasses case had spilled out of my saddlebag. I felt in there and my wallet was gone! It was in there when I replaced the flat, and when I took off I didn't zip it back up! What a bonehead. Just then a black truck came by and the guy yelled out, "You dropped your wallet back there!"

He turned around and went back to get it while I ran along side with my bike since it was flat. Back at North Temple it was in the road. I gave him $20 (There was over $70 in the wallet along with all my cards and ID). He noticed I had a flat and asked if I needed a ride somewhere. I figured if I hurried over to Tomax I could call Cathi and she could pick me up on the way down. I caught her and then went downstairs and did some rowing for 5 minutes, several sets of lifting and felt like I got a full workout considering my biking was cut short.

The headwind coming in was constant at around 20 mph. It was terrible.

Distance: 30.1 miles
Time: 1:47
Avg Speed: 16.89 mph

The backup tube shouldn't be one that already has a hole in it. Also, zip up your saddle bag, you bonehead!