Monday, June 15, 2015

Isaac's Cycling Merit Badge

Here are the requirements for the Cycling Merit Badge.

After giving Isaac instruction on how to switch the gears on Cathi's road bike and giving him a few practice tries in the culdesac, we went on our first 10 mile ride together.

Here's the log of his rides:

6/13/2015 - 10 miles - "This kinda hurts my back".  We already had the seat as low as we could.  The frame is a bit big for him, but he was able to stand up without the top tube hitting him in the groin.  But he does need to bend over a little more just to reach the handlebars.  Not overly so.  He also needs to get used to the saddle.  It already has a gel pad cover.

6/17/15 - 11 miles - Nice bike trail ride all the way up to West Point.  He needs eye protection from gnats!