Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First time biking outside this year

So today is supposed to be that last sunny day this week, so I decided to start today with biking to work. Left at 6:45am and was hoping to get around 1:40, but ended up with 1:45. Had a pretty strong headwind from Bountiful thru to downtown Salt Lake. My average speed dropped from around 21mph to 18 by the time I got there. I took me 1:46. I was getting some cramps in my gut, but wasn't in too much pain.

The ride home however the cramping was way worse. But had a fantastic tail wind. I was able to go between 26-30 mph whenever I was going north. Once I got to Centerville the cramp in my gut got really bad and my speed dropped down to 19-21 mph.

Will go for a 50 mile Garr Ranch ride this Saturday afternoon if it isn't raining.

Total daily miles: 61.8 miles
Time: 191 minutes = 3 hours 11 minutes
Average speed: 19.4 mph

So tired. Going to bed early!