Sunday, November 05, 2017

Utah Fall Open 2016 hosted by Salt Lake Table Tennis events center (Adam Davis)

This morning Austin and I went to the events center for the Fall Open. I entered us both for three events: Open, under 1700 and Doubles.

First was the open. I was in a mini round robin with: Arun and Aaron with only one advancing. I beat Arun in two (best of three) and lost ton Aaron in two. So I waited around for about four hours for the next event. As only those who advance got progress and they had a double elimination to go through.

Eventually the under 1700 event started.  I was in a bracket with: Rohit, Morgan, Jan (Little girl who was amazing) and Braxton.  I started with playing Rohit. It was best of three again and I won the first game, he won he second and I came from behind to win the third. After that he took off. I was like what the crud? Nobody else in the bracket has to even play him now. If I lost to even one person I wouldn’t advance. Which is part of the reason I believe he took off. Anyway I beat everyone else in the bracket to advance.

It was especially worrisome for me to play Braxton as I haven’t beat him in a tournament in like 10 years. Once I progressed out of that bracket I played Lief, and too one game from him but he won the next three. Thank goodness it’s a double elimination.

Next up I played Eric whom I lost to at the Farmington Tournament in March. He had pips on one side. But I had to patient and not attack with unnecessary risk. And when I took that approach I had the upper hand. I forced him to do the same as when he took risks he often lost. So it came down to who had the most control.

I think it went to the fifth match but I got it. I then had to play Viorel. I had a similar approach about not taking extra risks and won in four ensuring a bronze medal.

For doubles it was a single elimination tournament and Austin and I had to play Leanne and David and won in three.  Then we played Bob and Walter and won in four.  We then played in the finals against Daniel and Malachi. Dan won the open against Joey in the finals so that was pretty intimidating but we actually won two matches against them which was really surprising!  We took the silver medal in doubles! Awesome day. I exceeded my own expectations as far as wins/losses. But the ultimate goal of every tournament is to simply play my best and to have fun which I definitely met.