Monday, February 07, 2011

4.5 miles and feeling great

Tonight Cathi took me to the Syracuse Community Center where I ran for 45 minutes and felt great!  I was able to do a couple laps at a really fast pace, but my normal pace was pretty slow.  But I didn't care, I didn't walk and felt like I could keep going once I got to 25 minutes into it.  Before 25 minutes though I wasn't feeling so great.  It takes a while for my body to get past that rebellious stage I guess.

4.5 miles total

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

One small step

Today at noon I went down, stretched and had set a mental goal to go 4 miles.  That would be a new PR for this round of "runningness".  At mile 2 I couldn't believe I set that goal, I wanted to quit so bad!  But I kept plugging away, and taking sips from my water bottle but kept the same pace.

1.0 miles @ 6.0 mph
2.5 miles @ 6.2 mph
.25 miles @ 6.5 mph
.25 miles @ 7.0 mph

4.0 miles total

4 miles is wimpy, but it was a stepping stone to another day and a victory for today!