Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bike and TT

Second day now on the bike.  30 minutes bike, then played TT with a guy at Tomax named "Shaddddd'on"  Like Sharon, but you roll the "r" like something fierce!

I need to get the spelling.  Anyway.  Got some sweat going, and felt good to get my heart rate up.  Biking in to work tomorrow, and that'll definitely do it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First day back to a more well-rounded fitness routine

Over the past two years, my training routine went from triathlon training, to exclusively swimming.  Thus the huge absence from this site.  Now that I've successfully swam the English Channel, I'm going back to a more well-rounded approach to fitness.  Swimming for me is very easy, and I'd say feels like a calorie burn of only about 200-300 calories per hour.  Running on the other hand feels like 800-1000.  It's tough for me.

Cathi is such a great coach!  So upbeat!
So today was my first time running in a very long time.  On the way down from the hotel (Cisswood House in West Sussex, UK) room, Cathi and I stopped at the fitness room for a "Biggest Loser weigh in".  When I left for England I weighed in at 220.  Today: 95 kg (209 pounds).  I actually have lost 11 pounds from the time I last weighed in before coming to England.  That's great!  Now that I'm pulling back on the swimming and reintroducing running (and when I get home, cycling), I expect the weight will just fall off me.  

Especially considering that I'm passing up sweets, and eating alot more veggies and fruits.  No more big pasta dishes, large servings of chicken.  I'm going for healthy now.  

This morning ran 20 minutes in the country with Cathi.  Got a good sweat going.  20 minutes isn't much, but its a decent start.