Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Run

This morning Cathi and I got up and went on a 10 mile run with Korey, Ele, Eric and Kristen Buchi. When I got to mile 6 my knee started acting up and at mile 7 I got the stabbing pain.

From now on, I need to wear the pat band no matter what. I ended up walking the rest of the way while Cathi ran on up ahead with Eric. I didn't mind cause I had Flight of the Concords on my mp3 and they were new to me and I was cracking up hearing their songs. Cathi drove back and picked me up. Then we drove back further to get Kristen who also had knee issues. Need to pick up the running training (and figure out what to do to get my knee to play nice).

Had a great Thanksgiving evening at the Lows.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feeling awesome - 5 mile run @ 45 min

This morning I did other miscellaneous stuff at home rather than go swim. So I had to do something at lunch and something tough. So my goal was to run for either 5 miles, or 45 minutes which ever came first.

Well I had paced it so that they both came within just a few seconds of being at the same time:

5 miles @ 45:06

Felt so good throughout this run. I didn't have any joint issues, or pain which caused me to wish to quit early. I'm sure I'll get to the point one day where I wish I had an unlimited amount of time and then I could try running for 15 miles at lunch just to see if I can run that long. Thing is I only get like an hour or so. Will have to save that kind of activity for a weekend, or super early like Cathi and her masochist running friends.

Monday, November 16, 2009

4 mile run at lunch

Goal was to run 35 minutes straight at 6.5 mph. Which I did, but added a little extra to get to 4.0 miles.

4 miles @ 36:20

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not giving up

Today I worked through lunch and didn't get a good time to break away until 2pm. At that point I went downstairs initially aiming for a 45 minute run. I started out at 6.5 mph and at 15 took it up to 7.0 mph. Did fine with that until 20 and then started to get more tired than normal, so I brought it back down to 6.5 mph. That made things better and I was able to catch my breath and maintain that pace.

Then when I got to 30 I thought to myself, "Hey you did 30 minutes last week. If you quit now, you'd still be doing just fine." But then I had a vision:

I'm halfway through the French side shipping lane, when my body hits a wall and starts to use fat as an energy source. Do I give up or keep on going?!

That gave me the mental sharpness I needed to hit my goal that I started out with of going 45 minutes.

Total time: 45 minutes
Distance: 5.11 miles

cooled down and went 5.25 total.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Boot Camp

So last night Cathi begged me to go to this Boot Camp workout in Clearfield. This morning got up at 5:30 and got ready to go over. It was a tiny little gym with about 6 treadmills and about 15 different weight machines including a Jacob's ladder (with a broken stat meter).

We started the workout with a 1 mile run around the neighborhood. When we got back they had us rotating in two stations. The first station was doing 14 reps using 20 pound dumbells on the following:

Overhead Press, Curls, Kickbacks, Rows, Lat Raises, Squats, Lunges, Floor Press, Flys, Crunches and then get up on your feet without hands touching the ground. The weights weren't supposed to ever touch the ground.

Next station: 4 minutes on the treadmill at 6-10% incline and 4.0 mph. Rotated three times. Pretty good, but that was just the warmup. This next thing kicked my butt.

20 sets of Squat jumps and crunches with 20 pound dumbells. First set 20 squats, 1 crunch and then next set 19 squats, 2 crunches. Last set... 1 squat 20 crunches.

The first 4-5 reps were tough with the number of squats, and then it got easy in the middle, but then at the end the crunches were tough.

Very nice workout. But not something I'm willing to pay money for. I'd rather swim.

The two "drill sargents" were getting on other people slacking. I don't get why someone would come to a workout and then slack. With anything that's tough. You have to deal with it for about two weeks and then your body adjusts and adapts to it and you get way stronger.

This made me think about my running this week. I've really come a long way in one week on the running. I've run four days in a row(even though today was only 1 mile)1 now and if I can keep it going (except Sunday's), then my body should be totally used to it by the time I do the Ogden Marathon next spring.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

New PR - run three days in a row

I'm feeling great about this running thing. I've now three days in a row during my lunch break. Today I did 4 miles. I was planning on running 35 minutes and stopping, but I only had a little further to go to get the 4 miles, so I actually went 35:40 today. Started out at 6.5 mph and moved it up to 7.0 the last few minutes, and then 7.5 the last 30 seconds.

Then walked a half lap to cool down. All at a 2.5% grade.

My knee didn't even ache at all. I'm liking this even though its hard as ....

4.125 miles total

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Another 5k, this time faster

Stretched for 3 minutes, then ran 3 miles @ 6.5 mph/2.5% grade. What I did mentally was once I got to 3 minutes into the run is envisioned running the Columbia River Half and every minute represented a mile. So when I looked at the clock and saw that I was at 5 minutes into the start of the run I was at mile 5 (which is the turn going south down the big hill before going back on to the bridge).

Then once I got to 28 minutes put the speed at 7.0 miles, and then at 29 minutes 7.5. Once I got to 30 minutes I was at 3.25 miles. Then I put it at 3.0 mph and walked a half lap (0.125 m), took my pulse (160 bpm) then put it on 8.5 and ran a half lap.

Got off and stretched real good.

Total distance: 3.5 miles @ 32:30

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Nice 5K run

At lunchtime today I went down and ran a 5k straight on the treadmill at a 2.5% grade. First 2 miles at 6.0 mph, third mile at 6.5 mph, Then at 29 minutes ran 7.0 mph, 29:30 @ 7.5 mph. Stop at 30 minutes. Ended up being 5K. Sweat alot and didn't have any water with me.

Forgot to stretch beforehand so I stretched really good afterwards (about 10 minutes). Then did 10 minutes of abs.

Need to swim tonight. Oh yeah, It's official. I'm registered for the Ogden Marathon on May 15th, 2010. No backing out now!

Monday, November 02, 2009


Hit the weightroom today at lunch. Did arms:

Seated Preacher Curls: 15 @ 75, 3 x 12 @ 95
Standing Alternating DB Curls: 12 @ 35, 2 x 8 @ 40, 8 @ 45
Wrist Curls: 12 @ 35, 2 x 8 @ 40, 6 @ 45
Standing Reverse Curls w/Armblaster: 12 @ 75, 3 x 8 @ 80

My hands are so city. Don't have any callouses any more and my hands are burning with the rough part of the bar turning in my hand. Good lift. Was actually fun. Just wish I had more time to really get in a 10 lift day.