Wednesday, April 09, 2014


There is a guy that started at my work named Alex who is an ex-bodybuilder.  He loves to lift and we got to talking and for the past two week's we've been lifting together.  I've loved it!  Having a partner, and to have him know what he's doing and taking the lead is an even bigger bonus!

I dropped my weight back down under 200 finally and went to see Cameron.  After all the caliper pinching the formula showed that I am now at 7.56% bodyfat.  I lost 4 pounds of bodyfat since my last weigh in, and surprised that I only gained 0.1 pounds of lean mass.

I'd like my body fat percentage down to about 4.5%, so I have a little more than 10 pounds of bodyfat to lose and then I'll be at my peak again.  I hope to stay there this time.  No need whatsoever to bulk up and "put on a few for the Channel", with MIMS.  Yeah the water won't be toasty, but it won't be exactly cold either.

Log of the last 16 months of measurements.

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