Saturday, August 29, 2009

My results of the Bear Lake Classic Olympic Distance Triathlon

Lucy, Jonas and I spent the night up at the cabin and woke up early to drive the remaining 25 miles to the event at Rendezvous Beach. We set up our transition areas and went down to the water. I was pleased with the temperature. 68 degrees. Perfect even without a wetsuit.

When they started the race, there was no countdown. Just one minute to go and then next thing I knew there was a blast on the horn. Everyone ran like crazy to the buoy. It was a good 100 yards before I got deep enough to swim. I only saw one other person without a wetsuit and it was a girl. I was passing people left and right. I was wearing my "goofy goggles" so I could see great! One thing that bothered me though, is that I start out so fast that I don't concentrate on my breathing, or rather I'm going so fast that I need more air so even when I do concentrate and breathe bilaterally, that it doesn't give me enough air so I had to breathe on one side about 65% of the time. I went very straight this time and the swim performance was great! I was 5th out of the water. One guy quit about 1/3 way into it and ran across the mat at 20 minutes, but I'm not counting his time.

On the bike transition it could have been better. My jersey got stuck again behind my wet back and it was a struggle to get it on all the way. Plus when I started on the peddles, I had a hard time getting my feet into the shoes. But it wasn't too bad. I only had 4 people pass me on the 25 mile bike course. There was a couple fairly good hills, but nothing terrible. The transition to run went smoothly. I knew the run I would get passed by a ton, but I only got passed by 11 racers(not counting Relay and Sprint racers)

I liked how the run was two laps rather than an out and back type thing. I don't like seeing people come towards me who are ahead of me. It's a little shameful, but if it's a lap distance then I don't ever have to see the people ahead of me. When I started I started to feel some good tightness in my right calf muscle. Not cramping, but close. I just kept on going and after the first mile it was gone. At around mile 5 I started feeling some serious burning in my left foot's arch. A blister. I put vaseline on the inside of my socks before the race, but didn't put it in the arch area, just the toes. By the time I finished it was serious painful. It's a good inch long blister on my arch. I'll need to heal that up completely for next week's half marathon and vaseline it real good.

My finish time came in at 2:37:10.

  • My Swim time was 27:01 (1.15 miles = 1:20 pace)

  • Bike time was 1:11:32 (25 miles = 20.9 avg) Not too good, but it was rolling hills for probably half of it.

  • Run time was 55:46 (10K) which isn't good at all. But what can I expect, I'm not doing ANY running training! I really need to step up on the running.

Every turn was very well marked and there were a ton of volunteers throughout the entire course guiding you where to go. I would say this would be the best organized triathlon I've been to. Except for when noon came and the kids were all at the waters edge waiting to start, freezing in the wind and overcast sky, nobody showed. At 12:15 I started walking up to the transition area to see what was going on. Someone finally came and started the kids event off.

The marked was out about 50 yards from the beach. Just about every kid could run the whole thing, which is exactly what Jonas did. I kept trying to encourage him to swim, but he just wouldn't. I was splashing him telling him to get his face in the water, but he would just try to outrun me. Lucy on the other hand swam probably half the time. When she did swim it was backstroke.

They ran to transition and were off. Lucy was way ahead so I stayed with Jonas. His little spider man bike needs some gears cause he was peddling like mad and only going about 12 mph. When we got back from the bike Lucy was just starting her run. Jonas was funny. Instead of going all the way back to his assigned post to put his bike, as soon as he go to transition he just dumped his bike and helmet and chased after Lucy. He was about 100 yards behind her. When they finished Lucy only beat him by about 50 yards. He's quite the little runner.

The both had a ball and it was fun hearing the crowd at the finish line cheer like mad for the little kids. They slept the whole way home. They were beat. Lucy said something thoughtful when we were loading the bikes on the car to come home. She said, "Gee Dad, if I'm this tired after doing my little triathlon, you must be REALLY tired!". What a cutie.

Actually I wasn't tired at all. In fact if it weren't for that dang run I would be totally ready for a half ironman.

I'm done doing triathlons this year. But I have two half marathons coming up. One next week! So I really need to step up the running. That's where I'm really hurting! Click below for video clip.


Cathi Gridley said...

Lucy and Jonas were darling. I guess I'm a little biased being their mom! Way to go my 3 triathletes!!

j_e said...

I raced it, too. But the 70.3 distance.

My swim was slow, my bike was fast and my run was ... 'crappy.'

Still, I took 37 minutes off my old PR at the 70.3 distance so I shouldn't complain. But I will because my run was just that miserable.

Gords said...

Now I know what the delay was with the kids event which was supposed to start at noon. They had a bunch of awards stolen and the event staff were trying to track it down. Ouch! That's really got to suck to win the event and not have anything to show for it. I'm sure there are a few unhappy racers.

Josh said...

Nice swim, that's awesome! I didn't know they had a half iron distance at that race.

Cool that your kids got to race too! I've see other kids tris, but they have all been in pools.